Citation/Ticket numbers can be found at the top of your ticket in the Ticket No. Box. If you do not know either your Citation/Ticket number or case number, you can search for the information by entering your first and last name at the Court’s Record Search page.

Your case may not come up in the search if it’s in deferment or non-public status. Please call the clerk’s office or probation department to find out how to obtain your case number.

Traffic Tickets may not be available for payment for up to 3 days after being issued.

If a Bench Warrant or Order To Show Cause has been issued in your name, you must come to court during regular business hours to clear the Bench Warrant or Order To Show Cause. Case Payments alone will not clear either Bench Warrants or Orders to Show Cause.

Pay Online:

Pay using:
VISA, MasterCard or Discover

You will need:
Ticket/Citation Number and Date of Birth

Case Number and Date of Birth

Pay By Phone:

Phone Payments are accepted at 1-855-292-8925.

When paying by phone your ticket number or case number must be entered accurately. Payment will be applied only if ticket number or case number can be verified. Payment will be applied next business day.

Pay In Person:

Payments are accepted at the Courthouse, Suite 1400 from 7:45am to 4:15pm, Monday thru Friday.